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New Additions for 2017

Post date: Jan 19, 2017 4:31:24 PM

KENYA: Child Life

This nationally recognized children's center is doing amazing work with kids..

Do you have a background in Child Life? We need you!

Help kids cope with loosing parents to AIDS or being abandoned because of parents drinking.

Help them carve out a positive attitude and new future.

GREECE: Syrian Refugees

While people prepare the adult refugees for life in a new country,

little attention is given to the children.

Come help Syrian refugee kids cope with the trauma of war and fleeing;

and help them prepare for living in yet another new culture.

INDIA: Development Disabilities

Work with multi-disciplinary team - physical & occupational therapists, psychologists and special education -

to help kids with cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation and other developmental disabilities.

Work with both children and their parents.

This is in a part of India that has almost 100% literacy: known for bright, very friendly people and a beautiful coast!

THAILAND: Developmental Disabilities

Art, dance, drama, music and play therapy to work with kids with autism, ADHD, mental retardation.

Work with children to increase their attention, focus, following instructions and interaction skills.

Also work with parents to help them with their children.

Thailand's charms? Incredibly safe; some of the best food in the world; fascinating cultures in the north.

SRI LANKA: Orphans' Pre School Program

Work with children age 6 months to 3 years: stimulating them and showing them the love they need.

Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise! Come & enjoy!

HONDURAS: Kids, Kids, Kids

This program originally started to serve the many AIDS orphans in Honduras

and has expanded into a program for the kids to learn English. They have further expanded

to do health prevention work and STEM - math and science enrichment; literacy and computers.

Honduras is also a tropical paradise. Helpful to have some Spanish.

PERU: Tutoring to Give a Brighter Future

Families from the altiplano - the highlands - come to the cities looking for work. There is none

so their kids shine shoes to make a living for the family. This organizations tutors both primary and high school students

so that they can create a route out of shining shoes and poverty.

This placement is set in some of the most beautiful mountains in the world!

ECUADOR: Creativity to Enrich Children's Lives

Do you have artistic, musical or performing arts talent? Mime? Clowning? Kazoo band?

Come work in the very colorful Andes to enrich the lives of these kids through the arts!

GHANA: School Program for At Risk Kids

On Ghana's coast, many men make their living fishing and women then smoking the fish.

While mom and dad are away, often the kids are truant. This program serves the kids who would drop out

...tutoring them in school subjects and providing enrichment to create alternatives to poverty.

Ghana is one of Africa's most "drumming-est" cultures; friendly, vibrant with a beautiful coastline.

NEPAL: Teaching English

Nepal is a poor country. This school believes that English is a ticket out of poverty.

Come teach English and potentially help with other subjects (though they would be taught in Nepali.)

Most people know that Nepal has some of the most spectacular mountains in the world!

MOROCCO: Children's Home

The people of Morocco speak French and Arabic. If you can not speak these languages,

then playing with and stimulating and loving these kids is a universal language.

What draws many to Morocco? Wanting their first experience of a Muslim country - waking to the call to prayer.

Morocco is quite modern; great food, and a fascinating country.


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These are volunteer opportunities.

Both students & seasoned professionals are needed.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis