Mexican Outreach for Psychology Students

Hi Psych Students!

My name is Sarah Tantare and I am a Student Ministry Coordinator for Mexico Outreach for the Community Health teams. I wanted to give you some information about some teams we have for our weekend long trips and week-long trips to Mexicali, Mexico that allow you to explore your psych interests in a cross-cultural environment. You get service credits for going on the trips (15 for a weekend trip and 30 for a week-long trip) and you would also get the opportunity to work with some unique patient populations!

There are many different teams (including kids ministry, prison ministry, orphanage ministry, mens/women's ministry and more!), but the community health team has a very distinct psych focus.

If you register for one of the three Community Health Teams, you will have the opportunity to care for the more marginalized in the health care system in Mexicali. There is a team that goes to a Men's Mental Health facility (Refugio de amor) which is great experience if you are interested in psychiatry or clinical psychology. There is a team that goes to an Autistic Children's Center (Esedin Autismo) which would be amazing for student's interested in children's mental health or are passionate about children with special needs. This could be great experience for someone who might want to pursue research psychology or developmental psychology. Finally, there is a team that goes to an elderly care facility (Casa de Abuelo) and will assist the staff with activities of daily living for the seniors. This would involve practicing skills such as patient transfers from the bed to the wheelchair, bed baths, assisting the patients with using the restroom, and doing some fun activities or crafts with the patients. This could be really interesting for a person interested in health psychology!

If you would like more information or to register for a trip, our website is or you can email me with questions at



Sarah Tantare

Mexico Outreach

SMC - Community Health