Minor in Alcohol and Drug Counseling:

Site, Supervisor, Student, Faculty Responsibility

Affiliation Agreement

Your fieldwork site must have a completed an agency Affiliation Agreement Form with the university. This affiliation agreement is completed by the appropriate administrator and is valid for a period of five years. The placement must comply with the terms of the Agency Affiliation.

Responsibilities of Field Site Agency

  • Selection: Selection of student for the opportunity at the field site.

  • Orientation: Orienting student to the field site, including an explanation of any potential health or safety risks inherent in student’s activities.

  • Implementation: Preparation of student’s assignments and work schedules.

  • Supervision: Supervision of student and their performance in activities.

  • Legal Compliance: Complying with all federal and state laws, including any applicable tax and labor laws related to student’s field experience (e.g. withholding of appropriate taxes if student’s field experience leads to a displacement of any field site employees or impairs existing contracts for services).

  • Liability Insurance: Providing adequate liability insurance coverage attendant to the risks involved in field site activities.

Possible Field Sites List (Click Here) This is a list of sites that students may contact in order to discuss doing field experience in substance abuse. It is the student's responsibility to contact the sites and inquire if the site will accept undergraduate students as interns in order to complete field hours.

Responsibilities of Field Supervisor

  • Learning agreement: The placement supervisor/mentor must complete a field experience learning agreement with the student. This is the learning contract between the student and the supervisor, establishing the educational objectives for student’s field experience, subject to university approval.

  • Competency in supervision/mentorship: The placement must include active and ongoing supervision by a qualified professional in the area in which the student is engaged. The supervisor will oversee students, assign duties appropriate to student abilities and supervisor qualifications to perform duties assigned, meet regularly with the student for a minimum of one hour weekly to supervise student experience. Meetings may occur individually or with other service providers. Meetings may occur in briefer time periods dispersed throughout the week as long as qualitative meeting time accounts for 60 minutes per week.

  • Supervision Content: The focus of supervision time includes (but is not limited to): assignment of duties and review of performance; processing experiences related to goals and objectives (see learning agreement and evaluation forms); facilitation of verbal processing of the field experience in order to gain understanding of the application of psychology to the field work, student self awareness, or understanding of the population served.

  • Evaluation: Evaluate the performance of student using the evaluation forms supplied by the university, and submit the completed evaluation to the university at the mid term and the end of the academic semester. Click Here is a link to the online evaluation form.

    • Field experience placements must span the entire semester for a minimum of 8-10 hours per week. A minimum of 100 hours is required for the completion of the course.

    • A weekly log of hours must be maintained to include the date for each placement visit as well as the beginning and ending time for that day. The field supervisor will sign time logs each week. Students are required to bring their time log to class at each class meeting.

Responsibilities of Practicum Student

  • Field Experience Learning Agreement form and time log. Students are required to secure the field experience learning agreement form within the first 2 weeks of the semester and to maintain the time log each week. A weekly log of hours must be maintained to include the date for each placement visit as well as the beginning and ending time for that day. Time logs are to be signed by the field supervisor each week. Students are required to bring their time log to class at each class meeting; here is a general time log form.

  • Time Commitment. Site placements must span the entire semester for a minimum of 8-10 hours per week. A minimum of 128 hours is required for the completion of the course. The course must be taken twice to meet up to 255 total hours for CCAPP certificate completion

  • Exploratory literature review. The student will write a 5-page literature review paper (APA style and format) summarizing the findings of a literature review conducted on the professional population, agency type, or most relevant topic to the agency assignment. The focus of the paper is to be determined collaboratively between the agency supervisor and student. This research is to be completed within the first 4 weeks of the semester and the APA style paper to be completed and submitted to the faculty instructor within the first 6 weeks of the semester.

  • Reflection Journal. The student will create a reflection journal for each day of experience at the placement setting. Each journal entry will consist of an objective description of the student’s activity or experience, subjective reflection upon the experience, and a notation of questions, ideas, and discoveries relating to the experience. Each entry should also include the date of the experience. Maintain confidentiality in describing individuals served. Journal entries are to be submitted to the faculty instructor as directed in the course syllabus.

  • Summary of Internship Experience. Students will summarize their internship experience in a 5-page paper. This paper should include specific examples of events experienced through the field experience hours and what the student learned through those experiences. Students are encouraged to use their notes from their reflection journals to guide their writing.

  • Supervision Reports. The student is responsible for the submission of his/her supervisor’s evaluation of the student’s performance to the faculty instructor at mid term and final examination periods.

  • Field Experience Site evaluation. The student is responsible for completing and submitting to the course instructor, at the end of the semester with other summative data required (above), the field experience site evaluation form. This form provides students an opportunity to give the department of psychology feedback on the field experience sites.

  • Additional responsibilities. Students are required to complete additional assignments listed in the course syllabus by the assigned faculty instructor.

Responsibilities of Faculty

  • Weekly Time Log: Faculty are responsible for collecting and verifying time logs each week.

  • Individual Student Evaluations: Using the provided online link, faculty should submit an evaluation of each student at mid and end of semester time points. Evaluations should be reviewed with students each semester as part of the mentoring process.

  • Student Evaluations: Faculty are required to verify that students have submitted a field site evaluation at the end of the semester and that the field site supervisor have submitted student evaluations at mid and end of semester.

  • University faculty evaluation. Students will meet individually with faculty instructors to conduct a mid term and culminating applied/integrative learning individual assessment. This assessment is to designed to be a collaborative reflective exercise, facilitating student self-reflection on developed skills and to identify areas for continued growth in post graduate endeavors.