Research Experience (RE) is a structured learning experience where students engage in faculty directed research individually or in a small research team. The topic for the research project is in the faculty member’s specialty area. RE is an exciting opportunity to gain valuable research and mentoring experience that will prepare and guide decisions regarding graduate school and career options. Students will receive training in various methodologies, data collection, computer-aided statistical analyses, manuscript preparation, and poster presentations at professional conferences. RE is an integral component of the learning experience at APU and is closely tied to the mission and vision of the university and the Department of Psychology.

The scholarly process at Azusa Pacific University should be an ongoing endeavor that fosters a culture of inquiry, informed by faith; involves students; contributes to the quality of teaching, research, and scholarship; and has a direct and lasting impact on learning. The products and processes of scholarly activities will be diverse, reflecting the strengths of each discipline as well as individual gifts.– John Wallace, President of APU (APU UG Catalog, p. 2)

The Department of Psychology at Azusa Pacific University is a community of Christian scholars, who, with their diverse backgrounds and expertise in understanding human behavior in society, are committed to enhancing the development of students through intellectual challenge, experiential learning, personal growth, and spiritual discovery so that students develop their potential and are prepared for where God is leading them to serve (APU Department of Psychology, Mission Statement, APU UG Catalog, p. 142).

NOTE: Students usually benefit from two semesters or one full year of experience with the same faculty member. For example, a full year of research experience increases the likelihood of producing a research product (paper/poster presentation), which creates a more competitive profile for graduate school.


PSYC 475 Research Experience (3)

This course helps students improve their research skills by providing an opportunity to integrate knowledge, skills, and interests in order to conduct a comprehensive research project. Successful completion of the course results in an APA-style paper or submission of a paper or poster presentation to a professional organization or in a professional setting. Concurrent enrollment in another research experience course is permitted. Twelve (12) units of research experience (PSYC475) can be counted toward the bachelor degree requirements.

Enrollment Instructions:

Please click the Department Requirements & Research Topics link below to see our faculty who are offering labs. Once you find your lab of interest please email the faculty for permission.

Student must have faculty permission to join their labs for 475

Faculty will email and cc the student to obtain the permission code for the course

Please note that PSYC 475 will always only have one section however the day/time may shift depending on the lab that you participate in. Students are to register for the session but will work out meet times with their faculty member after the semester starts.