Department Requirements & Research


  • Weekly Time Log: A weekly log of hours must be maintained and include the date of each faculty research meeting and research activities. Time logs are to be reviewed by the faculty member or research supervisor each week. Here is a downloadable template of a weekly time log.

  • Meeting Format: Faculty must meet face-to-face with students a minimum of 1-hour each week. Research activity must span the entire semester for a minimum of 8-10 hours per week. A minimum of 135 hours is required for the completion of the course.

  • Research Product: At the end of the semester the student must complete a scholarly product which may include any of the following:

    • Extensive Literature Review-write a literature review paper (APA style and format) summarizing the findings of research most relevant to topic under investigation

    • Paper/poster Presentation-prepare research paper or poster that illustrates the research methodology and outcomes of the topic under investigation. Submissions of the work should be made to APU’s Common Day of Learning event or a regional/national professional conference in psychology.

  • Additional responsibilities: Students are required to complete additional assignments listed in the course syllabus by the assigned faculty instructor.

  • Here is an example of a syllabus for the research experience course. Reading through this syllabus will give you an idea of what is required of students who take this course.


  • Weekly Time Log: Faculty are responsible for collecting and verifying time logs each week.

  • Individual Student Evaluations: Using the provided online link, faculty should submit an evaluation of each student at mid and end of semester time points. Evaluations should be reviewed with students each semester as part of the mentoring process.


Below are links to descriptions of faculty members' research interests who will be offering research experience courses.

Dr. Holly Holloway-Friesen

Dr. Kathryn Ecklund

Dr. Rachel Castaneda

Dr. Matthew Heller

Dr. William Whitney

Dr. Carissa Dwiwardani

Dr. Andrew Shelton