Career Panels

Hear from APU alumni, faculty, and professional leaders as they describe the many career options in various subfields of psychology.

Clinical & Counseling Career Paths:

  • Marriage & Family Therapy, Clinical Counseling, Social Work, Psychiatric Nursing, Clinical Psychology

Developmental & Child-Based Career Paths:

  • Marriage & Family Therapist (specialization: children on Autism spectrum); Developmental psychologist; Clinical Social Worker; Pediatric trauma; In-home care for children on Autism spectrum; Child life specialist; Clinical psychologist (specialization: children & adolescents)

Research & Data Analysis Career Paths:

  • Data Analyst, Research Psychologist, Marketing/Data Analytics

Restoring Wholeness Career Paths:

  • Counseling Psychologist, Child Life Specialist, Social Work (Children & Family Services), Clinical Social Worker

Community & Academic Career Paths:

  • Clinical Psychologist, Industrial/Organizational Psychologist, Criminology, Social Work, Career Services Director

Industrial/Organizational Career Paths:

  • Industrial Organizational Psychologists

Marriage & Family Therapy:

  • Licensed MFT

School Counseling & School Psychology

  • School Counselor & School Psychologist