Psychology Textbook Library: A New Way to Support Students in Financial Need

Textbooks can be expensive! For many psych students with demonstrated financial need, the cost of textbooks can all too often discourage them from staying at APU, completing their degree, or buying (and reading) the text for a course.

To support our students, the psych department is launching a new Psychology Textbook Library! But we need your help!

We’re gathering funds to buy back used copies of the common textbooks from psych courses. Once we build our library, students in financial need will be able to check-out their psych textbooks every semester, free of charge. No need to drop out or go without food to afford a textbook.

There are three ways you can help us build our library!

If you’re a psych student or recent alumni, please donate used copies of your psych textbooks to the psychology office. If you’d like to sell them to us, we’ll purchase them for a reduced cost. We know you could sell them for more but if you donate them to us, they’ll go to a great cause!

If you (or your parent or someone you know) would like to donate funds to purchase used textbooks, you can donate at Be sure to select “Psychology Textbook Library” from the drop-down menu.

If you have social media or know someone who does, help us spread the word! Let people know about our Psychology Textbook Library via The more funds and used books we collect to build our library, the more students we can support!