Child Life Updates

To kick off Child Life Month, follow apu_childlife on Instagram! You’ll see pics of our students, faculty, and what’s trending in the world of APU child life. You can see the latest successes of our child life graduates and support children’s psychosocial needs by buying them toys while in the hospital! Check out our toy wish list and consider buying some kiddos at our partnering hospitals and programs some presents before March 29th! Feel free to share our wish list, drop some children’s gifts off at the psych office, and encourage friends and family to participate. If you are curious about what child life is and what child life specialists do, visit: Association of Child Life Professionals. Or, chat with one of our many child life faculty.

What else is going on in the life of child life? We are gearing up for a short-term study abroad program with 10 undergraduate and graduate students. The study abroad experience includes child life practicum at Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. The program will include pre/post orientation, daily group supervision, and debriefing following hospital service each day. We’re excited for this opportunity to learn and explore Cape Town, South Africa and develop our appreciation for diversity and multiculturalism!