Research Psych Updates

The Masters in Research Psychology and Data Analysis program trains students in research methodology and statistics in order to become a competitive applicant for Ph.D. programs and to be able to work in the research and data industry. Some updates:

Students headed to Ph.D. programs - Over the past few weeks, we have seen our 2020 graduating cohort receive offers to multiple fully funded Ph.D. programs in different areas of psychology. Congrats!

Now introducing… SAS! The program is moving to SAS. Starting Fall 2020, students will have the option of learning SAS, a popular statistical coding software that is used across multiple industries. Additionally, those students that complete their course work in SAS will earn a SAS Joint Certificate in Statistical Analysis.

New concentrations in Data, Marketing, & I/O Psych: To assist our students in furthering their knowledge and becoming more competitive in the workforce, this year, the program has added optional concentrations in Data Analytics, Marketing Research, and Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Students that wish to complete an optional concentration complete 9 additional units of course work. Although this increases the number of required units, the majority of the 2020 cohort decided to add an optional concentration to their degree.