Faculty Resources

This page is for Department of Psychology Faculty and Adjuncts only. NOT for student use. Please contact the Department of Psychology if you have any questions about the materials on this page.

Remote Learning Resources:

Recording Zoom Meetings: Click here.

How to Record Lectures and Upload to YouTube Using Zoom: Click here.

Using breakout rooms in Zoom: Click here.

Dual Screen Tips: Click here.

Adding Zoom to Home Course Page: Click here.

Remote Learning Tips and Tricks - Faculty Kick off Retreat 2020/2021

Syllabus Resources:

Syllabus Part B: Click here.

SLO's: Click here.

Adjunct Resources:

Adjunct Quickstart: Click here.

Provost Updates:

Plan Moving Forward: Click here.

Resources from the Provost Office: Click here. Additional: Click here.

Resources from the Provost Office March 20th: Click here.

Forms & Documents:

Expense Reimbursement Form: (Click here)

Invoice Submission: (Click here)

Event Travel Cancellation Form: (Click here).

Grade Change Instructions

UG Instructions: Click here.

The Graduate and Professional Grade Change Form will be made available electronically in the Faculty Resources>Faculty External Links section of the home.apu.edu dashboard.

Other Resources:

APU Faculty Community Network: Resource Links: Click here.

ADR Student and Faculty Resources: Click here.

Grade Conversion FAQs for Students: Click here.

Click here for Email about Pass/Fail that went out to students.


Please feel free to use this resource. You will find the directions below.

Using Psychotherapy.net:

  • Visit the library home page and select Articles and Databases. Go the P under all subjects or select Psychology as the subject and select psychotherapy.net.

  • If you are not recognized or logged in, the website will automatically recognize this and ask you to login via OpenAthens using your APU user and password. This should take place prior to entering psychotherapy.net or as soon as you click on the psychotherapy.net database.

  • In the top right hand corner you should see Azusa Pacific University listed as an institutional login. You are now free to browse and view any videos available through the subscription.

Handshake Workshops From Career Center

To request a workshop or add a connection point to your syllabus, please just fill out this formstack. If you already have a calendar invite confirming Fall workshops, there is no need to resubmit. The process will only be used for new requests.

Once we confirm schedule availability for your request, the Career Center will invite you to a specially designed ZOOM meeting. We will make sure you are an "alternative host," so you can still host the ZOOM before and after the workshop.

Your ZOOM calendar invite will also include the workshop topics, days, and times and should be shared with your students.

New Faculty? Check out the checklist below!

On-Boarding Employee Faculty_Adjunct.pdf