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This page is for Department of Psychology Faculty and Adjuncts only. NOT for student use. Please contact the Department of Psychology if you have any questions about the materials on this page.

Moving to Online Synchronous Format - Spring 2020 Resources

Plan Moving Forward: Click here.

Resources from the Provost Office: Click here. Additional: Click here.

Resources from the Provost Office March 20th: Click here.

How to Record Lectures and Upload to YouTube Using Zoom: Click here.

Using breakout rooms in Zoom: Click here.

Dual Screen Tips: Click here.

APU Faculty Community Network: Resource Links: Click here.

Expense Reimbursement Form: (Click here)

Invoice Submission: (Click here)

Event Travel Cancellation Form: (Click here).

Grade Conversion FAQs for Students: (Click here).

Click here for Email about Pass/Fail that went out to students:


1. Go into course

2. Click settings at bottom of menu on left

3. Click navigation at top menu bar

4. Enable zoom at bottom list, it will move to the top list

5. Click save

6. Zoom will now appear on your left menu bar

7. Click zoom

8. Authorize zoom

9. Click schedule a meeting

10 . Follow instructions, much like setting up a meeting in google calendar, will recur weekly without needing to reset for each week if you set it up that way

11. Click “required” and “attendees register once and can attend any of the occurrences”, enable what you like

12. Hit save

13. Past invitation for registration into email to your students, instruct them to register!

New Faculty? Check out the checklist below!

On-Boarding Employee Faculty_Adjunct.pdf

Grade Change Instructions

UG Instructions: Click here.

The Graduate and Professional Grade Change Form will be made available electronically in the Faculty Resources>Faculty External Links section of the home.apu.edu dashboard.