William Whitney, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor: William Whitney

Research Interests: My research interests include the integration of psychology and theology, the spiritual and religious development of emerging adults, theological anthropology, and group psychotherapy.

Current Projects:

1) How to Think about Faith Integration: How should we understand the relationship between Psychology and Christianity? Why does it matter? How does Psychology enrich our understanding of the Christian faith? This manuscript guides beginning students through some of the critical concepts regarding faith integration between Christianity and Psychology.

2) Creation, Revelation and Psychology: Theological anthropology receives much attention from psychologists interested in faith integration, while the doctrines of Revelation and Creation are often neglected. However, both the doctrine of Creation and Revelation are vitally important for how we understand the natural world and the role of science. This essay details how a more robust doctrine of Creation and Revelation make a difference how we understand and practice faith integration.

3) Group Psychotherapy and Pedagogy: This project seeks to establish vital concepts from Group Psychotherapy that can aid in all kinds of adult education. The classroom is a place where learning occurs, but it is also a platform where group dynamics take place in every class session. This research project studies group dynamics in the classroom, and how an understanding of group dynamics will aid in how the instructor teaches, and how students learn.