Brian Collisson, Ph.D.

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“Hi all. If you're interested in my research, let me know! I'm happy to chat about current projects and the many career opportunities available in psychology."

- Dr. Collisson

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Brian Collisson, Ph.D., conducts research at the interface of relationships, prejudice, and personality.

Projects in his lab typically focus on how people's dark personality traits affect their relationships and why people express prejudice towards dissimilar romantic couples.

Current Projects

Consumers' Dark Traits Predict Abuse of Food Refund Policies

Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch? We found 46% of consumers report abusing the refund policies of online food delivery services by falsely claiming an order was missing, damaged, or incorrect to receive both their original food order and a full refund. Consumers' Dark Triad traits (i.e., narcissism, Machiavellianism, psychopathy) predicted food refund fraud and its perceived acceptability.

Spiteful Lovers

Spiteful people may purposefully try to punish a romantic partner by withholding love and affection - even though doing so threatens their relationship. We're exploring whether (1) individual differences in spitefulness predicts withholding within a relationship, (2) whether men and women differ in the degree to which they withhold displays of emotional intimacy (e.g., not saying "I love you") or physical affection (e.g., hugs, kisses), and (3) whether spiteful traits and behaviors relate to relationship satisfaction, investment, perceived attractiveness of alternatives to the relationship (e.g., being single, dating someone else), and commitment.

Eating Away Prejudice

People often associate ethnic groups with particular foods (e.g., French crepes, Japanese sushi). We tested whether people’s ethnic prejudices vary as a function of their (dis)liking of ethnic food. Specifically, we explored whether perceived similarity mediates this relation.

Other Areas of Recent Interest

Being the Willing Bearer of Bad News - Link between saidism and sharing unwanted information with others

Perceptions of Racial Discrimination - Do suspicions of racism color people's perceptions of others' ambiguous behavior?

Social Network Analysis of Faith Integration - Does the number and diversity of conversation partners impact people's psychology and faith worldviews?

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