Priscila Diaz-Castaneda, Ph.D.

Research Interests:

My research addresses the broad content area of diversity issues focusing on intergroup relations and understanding the societal as well as intrapersonal challenges facing minority and immigrant groups. One area of my research addresses intergroup attitudes. Specifically, I explore how the dynamic social influences, such as the economic conditions, relate to attitudes towards immigration. Another area of my research tackles the role of culture in intrapersonal processes. In particular, I examine how cultural values and familial relationships provide resilience and protect the well-being of minorities from perceived discrimination. To address these issues, I have developed a program of research with a number of collaborations applying multiple methodologies, including lab experiments, longitudinal studies, survey and field interviews. Much of my work demonstrates how the adaptive cultural ecology bears a vital impact on the lives of minority groups and is critical to inform policy, social services, behavioral scientists and prevention efforts.

Contact Person:

Dr. Priscila Castaneda,

Related Labs:

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Research Teams & Openings:

Time Commitment:

Prefer 1 academic year (9 hours/wk)

Current Team Members:

De'Onna Hampton

Hannah Zych

Debbie Tan

Luciana Ponce De Leon

Camille Brandon

Crystal Saludes

Past Team Members:

Bridget Rossi

Selena Bueno

Rebekah Guerra

Gina Shin

Benjamin Bledsoe

Nathan Mather

Sarah Wentworth

Nichole Wilcox

John Diaz

Michelle Pasco

Brandi Zamora

Lydia Soto

Tatiana Torassa

Marissa Chacon

Adriana Tovar

Angel Soriano

Rebekah One

Keziah Kantiok

Christina Painton

Christina Zavalza

Katrina Gorman

Catherine Forbes

Jamie Hwang

Brianna Baer