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Resources for you to be successful in graduate school

How to approach grad school and own your education -Dr. Holly Holloway-Friesen

Description: Dr. Holloway-Friesen highlights ways to own your education in graduate school.

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How to approach reading in grad school


APA TUTORIAL- Dr. Brian Collisson

Description: Check out the videos below to learn more about how to format your psychology papers, write in APA style, avoid plagiarism by using citations and references, and improve your writing flow and organization. For more info, visit the APA website (click the "style and grammar guidelines" heading) or check out the 7th edition APA publication manual.

APA Style (7th Ed.): Click here.

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APA Writing: Flow & Organization: Click here.

What to expect of your faculty and what to do if there are problems - Dr. Kathryn Ecklund

What to expect of your thesis mentor- Edwards


Emerging Professionals - Dr. Kathryn Ecklund


University Resources

Description: Check out the resources below that will provide quick links to university resources such as forms, counseling services,

Students visit the University Counseling Center for a variety of reasons. Some seek help coping with the pressures associated with a challenging academic environment or adjustment to college life. Others want to learn how to be more effective in developing and maintaining relationships with others. Counseling can be beneficial for students who are feeling depressed or anxious, as well as those who want to examine their beliefs or explore their current life situation. The UCC offers students the opportunity to look at themselves and their environment and to change the way they think, feel, and behave so that they can make the most of their time at APU.

Services available to currently enrolled graduate and undergraduate students include:

  • Individual counseling

  • Couples counseling

  • Premarital counseling

  • Group counseling

  • Crisis intervention

  • Training and educational workshops

Coaches APU students to improve their own writing by employing a better writing process. We can help any APU student with any kind of writing project at any stage of the writing process.

            • Any Student: Regardless of your level of confidence or writing expertise, meeting with an experienced writing coach will give you a fresh perspective on your writing.

            • Any Project: Whether it’s a major research paper, a cover letter, or a blog post, we’ll help you understand your assignment and meet your writing goals.

            • Any Stage: Meeting with a writing coach will help guide your brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, or proofreading. If you’re having trouble getting started, we can help you generate ideas. If you want to make sure your thesis is well supported, we’ll work with you on that, too.

Accessibility and Disability Resources coordinates a number of direct services for undergraduate and graduate/professional students with disabilities or accessibility challenges. Accommodations are individualized based on a documented disability and the functional limitations of each student.

Azusa Pacific University is a Yellow Ribbon University and Military Friendly School. We’re committed to honoring those who serve our country by making a quality education for military members, veterans, and their families an accessible, affordable reality.

Use your GI Bill® military education benefits and earn your degree from a top-ranked university dedicated to God First since 1899. APU’s services for military-connected students provide a network of support to ensure a smooth transition for students going from military to civilian life, while also helping students maximize their military education benefits. Azusa Pacific University, including all regional campus locations, fully complies with Executive Order 13607 establishing Principles of Excellence for educational institutions serving service members, veterans, spouses, and other family members.

The Office of Graduate and Professional Student Financial Services assists students by providing affordable financial pathways to support the completion of their academic goals. In doing so, the office works to provide exceptional service, exceed expectations, and encourage responsible borrowing.

Registrar Forms

M.S. Counseling Resources

MSCP BBS requirements- Dr. Danielle Lascano


MSCP Practicum - Dr. Danielle Lascano


MSCP: READING JOURNAL NOTES (CONTENT)- 558, 532, 527, 525, 534, 528, 585, - Dr. Danielle Lascano


3 LEARNED, 2 PRACTICE, 1 QUESTION (APPLICATION)- 526,536, 530, 533, 531, 535, 523, 524, 529, 555, 532 - Dr. Danielle Lascano


M.S. Child Life Resources

MSCL: Welcome to Child Life



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MSCL: Navigating Child Life discipline - Professor Charity Vasquez

Description: Professor Vasquez reviews how to navigate the disciple of Child Life throughout the course of your degree program.

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MSCL: What to expect with Practicum and Internship - Professor Charity Vasquez


M.S. Research Psychology Resources

MSRP - Thesis/Advisor relationship expectation, thesis track vs. internship track, concentrations - Dr. Julianne Edwards