Educational Psychology Research Lab

Julianne Edwards, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology, Program Director of M.S in Research Psychology and Data Analysis


Curriculum Vitae

Educational Psychology Research Lab

How do students learn? How can we shrink the achievement gap? Why are some students motivated more than others? How do cultures differ in learning in the educational setting? How can we provide adequate accommodations to students with disabilities? These are all questions that an educational psychologist can answer!

Educational psychology is an exciting field of research that focuses on various factors (e.g., social, environmental, emotional, teaching style) that impact how a person learns, retains and recalls information.

Focus of the Lab

The Educational Psychology Research Lab focuses on a myriad of research topics, but really anything related to education.

Specific areas of interest include:

  • Testing Accommodations

  • Perceptions of Students

  • Assessment

  • Academic Entitlement

  • ADHD

  • ASD

  • Student Achievement

Another focus of this lab is quantitative methods.

  • Scale Development

  • Simulation Research on performance of statistical analyses

Current Graduate Student Research

Effect of Suggestion of Preferred Learning Style on Memory

Alison Winiarski Master's Thesis

Why do Graduate Students dropout?

Samul Ledadom Master's Thesis

Current Undergraduate Student Research

Eye Tracking and Emotional Reactions toward Individuals with ASD

Isaac Addy, Taylor Stryker

Cultural Differences in Academic Entitlement

Miriam Duran, Aliyah Morrison, Alaina Thomas

College students perceptions of peers with ASD

Isaac Addy, Taylor Stryker, Alison Winarski*

Academic Entitlement: Millennials vs. Generation Z

Elana Brito, DJ Chow, Lauren Hernandez-Lee, Kelly Stanger, Alison Winarski*

Student Testing Accommodations for students with ADHD

DJ Chow, Lauren Hernandez-Lee, Aliyah Morrison, Kelly, Stanger, Kimi Yee

* Indicates graduate students

Educational Psychology Lab News

Congratulations are in order

Congratulations to the Academic Entitlement team for having their study accepted to the APS annual convention!

Congratulations to Isaac Addy, Taylor Stryker, and Alison Winaski for having their study on college students perceptions of peers with ASD accepted to the APS annual convention!

Here are Isaac Addy, Taylor Stryker, & Alison winiarski presenting the ASD study at APS in San Francisco.

Isaac Addy, Taylor Stryker, & Alison Winiarski APS 2018

Here is Alison Winiarski presenting the Academic Entitlement study at APS in San Francisco.

Alison Winiarski APS 2018

Message to Potential Graduate Students

I am currently accepting up to four graduate students interested in educational psychology research for Fall 2019. Future graduate students can expect to receive one-on-one mentoring from Dr. Edwards in designing their very own educational psychology study! Graduate students can also expect to receive additional research experience in collaboration with previously developed research projects. The goal is to give you as much research experience, conference presentations, and journal publications possible, as time allows. If this is something you would like to experience in graduate school, I would encourage you to apply to the M.S. in Research Psychology and Data Analysis program, and to contact me regarding joining my research lab in the Fall. I look forward to hearing from you!

Message to Potential Undergraduate Students

Right now, I am accepting undergraduate students into the Educational Psychology Research Lab! Undergraduate students that join my lab will receive experience in, in-person data collect, research design, and submitting to national conferences. Additionally, I will work with students to develop their application materials for graduate schools and/or the workforce. In the Fall, this lab will continue collecting data for a study on ADHD testing accommodations, and develop a study related to unequal opportunities in college education. Advanced undergraduate students will be provided the opportunity to develop their own educational psychology study. If this is something you would like from PSYC 475, please contact me regarding joining my undergraduate lab for the Fall!