Study Abroad: Estonia

Program Description:

The Estonia short-term study away program allows student to have a cultural immersion experience in a former Soviet Bloc country by offering two courses: Psychology and Christianity Integration, and/or Psychology of the Exceptional Child. Both courses offer unique perspectives that are particular to aspects of the Estonian culture, history, religion and language and the role these have on Estonian children, youth and families.

Goals for the trip include exposing students to both an academic and experiential insights at the University of Tartu and Tartu Theological Seminary through lectures from local professors, site visits to religious institutions, language, food, and broadening an awareness of Estonian cultural traditions that have shaped social and religious history in Estonia. Students will also visit points of interest of Estonian historical significance, including the medieval capital city of Tallinn, Tartu, Narva, the Island of Saaremaa, and the Nuutsaku camp for abused and neglected children.

Disclaimer: All participants will be expected to walk excessively throughout most locations with a fair amount of exercise through walking and hiking (estimate 4-6 miles each day). Walking tours will likely require one to go up and down many hills and stairs with no handicap accommodations; thus, it is not recommended that a person confined to wheelchair should go on this particular trip. The housing accommodations will generally include hotel stays; hostel lodging or brief, overnight stays in Estonian residences.

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Application Deadline Extended until November 1st!

PRPS Estonia Information Packet - For Professional Undergraduate Students

PSYC Estonia Information Packet - For Traditional Undergraduate Students