Study Abroad: Spain

The Study Abroad trip to Spain is a short term program offered in summer terms only!

This short term study away program allows students to have a cultural immersion experience in Spain by offering 2 courses: Psychology and Christianity Integration, and Field Experience. Both courses offer unique perspectives that are particular to aspects of Spanish religion and language.

Goals for the trip also include exposure to research overseas at host universities, lectures from local professors, site visits to religious institutions, broadening awareness of Spanish culture, language and food, broadening awareness of spiritual exercises in the Spanish contemplative tradition that have shaped social and political history in Spain, and visits to other points of interest in Spanish art and architecture in the major cities of Madrid, Granada and Barcelona.

Disclaimer: All participants will be expected to walk to most locations and a fair amount of physical exercise will be done through walking (estimated 3-4 miles per day). Students with asthma may have difficulty, as some of the locations are higher in elevation.

Courses Offered:

Program Unit Requirement: 6 units

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the student to check the APU academic catalog for all pre-requisite information. Courses that don’t meet the minimum number of students (6 per course) may be subject to cancellation

PSYC 475, Research Experience, 3 Units, Benjamin Marsh

This course helps students improve their research skills by providing an opportunity to integrate knowledge, skills, and interests in order to conduct a comprehensive research project. Successful completion of the course results in an APA-style paper or submission of a paper or poster presentation to a professional organization or in a professional setting. Concurrent enrollment in another research practicum course is permitted. 12 units of research experience (PSYC475, 476 combined) can be counted toward the bachelor degree requirements.

Meets the General Education Requirement: Integrative and Applied Learning. Prerequisite: Math 130

PSYC 496, Senior Seminar: Psychology and Christian Integration, 3 Units, William Whitney

This class discusses and critically evaluates the core ideas in the integration of psychology and the Christian faith by teaching the four to five established approaches for how to integrate what is known from psychological science and what is known from Biblical hermeneutics and theology. Upon completion of the course, students are able to define and communicate an awareness of the issues and various approaches for integration. Students are also able to identify and communicate the application of the integration of psychology and the Christian faith in their own lives and practice of psychology.

Prerequisite: PSYC 110 and PSYC 362; Senior Standing