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Research Experience with Dr. Rachel (Gonzales) Castaneda, Fall 2022- Spring 2023

Attention students who desire research experience in the field/community. For the Fall 2022 and Spring of 2023, Professor Castaneda’s research lab is looking for diligent students to be a part of the research team to assist with a funded study investigating the efficacy and utility of a FDA-approved app for substance use disorders called reSET. For the research experience, students will work on collecting substance use data with patients who participate in the study. These patients will be recruited from residential treatment programs from Social Model Recovery Programs in Los Angeles County. If this research sounds interesting, then this is the practicum for you. You must be a psychology major to sign up for the 3-unit class: Research Experience (PSYC 475). Interested students should email Rachel Castaneda at and use subject line: Research Experience. In your email, mention you are interested in joining the lab.


The Project Wellness is a grant-funded by SAMHSA that provides health and wellness education program for LA County youth from 13-24 years old.

Activism and the 5 Stages of Grief - ZuNews

By: Kassandra Camille (KC) Galang

Kassandra Galang is a current Psychology Undergraduate Student who has written this Article for ZuNews in response to the shooting in Atlanta and the hate crimes targeted towards the Asian-American community. It's a short opinion article that explores how the 5 stages of grief can help us better understand the way we see activism. To read please follow this link.